Practice Perfectly





  • Peter Jacobsen
    PGA Tour

    "After using the Z Factor for a few weeks I had my stroke tested at Scotty Cameron's studio. Scotty told me my stroke was perfect and he even compared it to Tiger's stroke. I've always been a streaky putter, but The Perfect Putting Machine has given me a tool I can use to practice the same way each time. I use the Z Factor every day and I love it!"

  • Steve Elkington
    PGA Tour

    "It's a great product ... I've set it up all different ways & no doubt helps in mapping how the body needs to reproduce the correct putting motion."

  • Kevin Na
    PGA Tour

    "The best part of this tool is that not only can you engrain a perfect stroke but a CUSTOMIZED STROKE. I was only on the Z Factor for a few minutes and I could feel the impact of the machine on my putting stroke. Even when I was off the machine it still felt as though my muscles were being guided by the rails. This was an indication to me that I was building perfect muscle memory."

  • D.A. Points
    PGA Tour

    "I started to use my Z Factor before Q-School this year and it really made a difference in my putting. I finished T-3rd in the final stage to retain my PGA Tour status for 2006. I know the Z Factor helped me to do that. I just ordered my second Perfect Putting Machine that I travel with each week on the Tour."

  • Edoardo Molinari
    2005 U.S. Amateur Champion - Turned professional 2006

    "The Perfect Putting Machine is by far the best training device I have ever seen. From the first time you use it you'll have immediate improvements on your putting stroke because it makes you feel how your putter should move during the stroke to hit the ball properly. Not even the best putting coach in the world can make you feel the movement of the putter it in the way the Perfect Putting Machine does it. Plus when you use the Perfect Putting Machine to improve your putting stroke you are actually hitting the golf ball to the hole and you can't miss a putt, which is great for your confidence. And if you keep practicing with the Perfect Putting Machine you will become a more consistent and better putter, which means a better golf player!"

  • Jerry Kelly
    PGA Tour

    "The Z Factor has been a big help in figuring out what putting style is right for me. It is easy to use, easy to set up and it does everything I want a putting trainer to do. My Z Factor allows me to practice perfectly."

  • Jay Haas
    PGA Tour

    "The Z Factor is a putting trainer that gives me a great checkpoint to see if my putter is swinging on plane. It gives me immediate feedback if I make an incorrect stroke."

  • Greg Owen
    PGA Tour

    "I have been using the perfect putting machine at home which has kept my putting stroke on track. I'm finding it an important part of my practice routine getting ready for another year of golf. I'm excited to play this year with a correct and consistent putting stroke.Many thanks for your help."

  • Gary Gilchrist
    Director of Golf - International Junior Golf Academy

    "We have 100 students here at the IJGA that are going to be the top college players and professionals of tomorrow. The Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine is the putting trainer that we are using to teach those students a fundamentally sound putting stroke that will last a lifetime."

  • Mike Small
    Head Coach, Illinois University Golf Team - Two-time PGA National Player of the Year

Custom swing planes

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Arc Modes


The swing plane can be changed for golfers of different specifications. There are FIVE ARC swing planes/paths available. You can easily change the plane by changing the position of the color-coded spacers – no tools are needed.

Square To Square

In this stroke the putter travels straight back and straight through on the target line. The face of the putter is always pointed at the target during this stroke. This style of putting is used by golfers of all skill levels including PGA tour players, but may be especially helpful for beginners and for practicing short putts.

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